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Barrier Arm

We Also Install Barrier System Along With Barrier Arm

Please contact us to check for our barrier system and controllers to be installed along with barrier arm.
Contact Number: +65 68421426




Safety Convex Mirror

You May Also Wish To Install Systems Along With Car Park Barrier Arm

Full-EPS Car Park System

The system utilizes the ERP-like technology to read the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) of the vehicle for them to gain access to the carpark where the parking amount is paid automatically without inserting card inside the card slot during exit.

Semi-EPS Car Park System

Semi-EPS will allow the vehicles-in which has setup with IU make the visitor and season to enter automatically .For Exit station, only the visitor need to make payment with the above cards if it exceeds grace time.

License Plate Recognition System

The technology of image processing is in the wide range of usage in all aspects and so LPR is one of the greatest digital processing to scan the image and convert to alpha numeric data to be stored in the field of transportation. 

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