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Access control barrier system helps to track the vehicle entering and exiting in the car park area which is widely used in the condominiums to manage trafficking of cars of both season and visitor. This system will help to get the visitor information like IU of visitor under the supervision of the management security. Also the barrier will open automatically for the season parking cars without any interference with the IU detection and with our reliable parking management software.

Apart from LPR(License Plate Recognition), this vehicle access system will be very useful in condominiums where our system will work under both the supervision of security management  and also in the absence of security management. We have various control systems for access control to work without the supervision of security management and will deploy the system according to customer requirement. 


Entry Operation for Visitor and Season:


(i) The system utilizes the ERP-like technology to read the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) of the vehicle for them to gain access to the carpark for season.


(ii) The IU number is captured by the EPS Antenna and the barrier will be open automatically for season. 


(iii) The entry record will then be sent to the System PC and the  entry record for season will be displayed as season.


(iv) The guard in the guard office will have control over visitor parking by opening the entry barrier manually and the IU will be saved in the system PC.


(v)If the guard set the control system in auto mode, the visitor barrier will auto open for visitor with many security products like CCTV.

 Exit Operation for Season and Visitor: 


(i) The same process will applies to all season holders, however no charges will be imposed when season exit and visitor exit.



What we Need

1) Entry and Exit Barrier with motor drive

2) Entry and Exit Station with hardware Processor

3) Entry and Exit Antenna having 230V AC with Steel Casing

4) Management Station with Windows 10 OS and I7 Processor

5) Barrier Controller switch at Management Office


Areas where we use

1) Landed Property Areas and Condominiums 

2) Hotels and Parks

3) Shopping Centres and Malls 

4) Any Private Areas 

5) Resorts and Recreation Centres

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