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Radiator Temperature Wheel


An infrared thermometer which emits radiation emitted by the object being measured. In Singapore we know the measures taken for safety during this pandemic situation and so our company is now providing customers with various services to promote these safety measures. So we are now supplying infrared thermometers to various places across Singapore. So these infrared thermometers are being used in all the places in Singapore. They are sometimes called laser thermometers which often can be determined with certain actual temperature. 


Upgraded Infrared Thermometer




  • Accuracy level is + 0.32 degree F

  • Response time 0.5s and temperature measuring range 32-122 degree F

  • 5-10cm away sensor

  • Low and high temperature alarm

  • Can be charged with USB 

  • Alarm flashing upto 10 seconds audible for abnormal temperature




  • Installation is easy with nails, hooks, adhesive tapes or even adjustable tripod stand to fix the thermometer


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