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Parked Cars


Radio-Frequency Idenification (RFID) will use electromagnetic field (EMF) to automatically identify the object which is attached. The object is comprised of transmitter, receiver and transponder. So the RFID technology used in the car park installation for the purpose of open close the barrier for the vehicle without payment option in which the long range proximity reader act as transmitter , vehicle frequency as receiver with transponder in the form of card,tag or sticker. So, when triggered by electromagnetic interrogation pulse from any RFID reader, the transponder will transmit the digital data  to the number thereby the data server identify the data number and open the barrier for the vehicle. 


Our company is certified to provide the customers with long range proximity reader and hence we are one of the leading technologists in Singapore to provide and install long range proximity reader. Many sites and some landed property projects are looking for long range reader system for installation where they do not have any EPS payment option due to high price of antenna and so long range reader are the perfect solution to the place or sites where they use the car park only for season parking vehicle and so it is very reliable and best option to opt for.



UHF Reader Specification

  • Frequency band of 920-925 MHz power which is approved range of Frequency in Singapore is followed

  • Low power radio equipped category where the power is less than 0.5W in which it is as environmental standards

  • Reading distance is upto 10m

  • Reserve RS232 interface whcih can be connected with PC to input the data 

  • Support eligible ISO1800-6B, ISO1800-6C (EPC G2) protocol passive RFID cards

  • Directional antenna technology, recognizes only the front of the card reader

UHF Receiver Specification

The below long range reader can accept the following 3 types of specification to have access to barrier system. All the three specification will be read upto 10 m and they are highly reliable to water proof and also the electromagnetic receiver is very effective.

uhf card.PNG
  • UHF card is made of Perfect Electrical Conductor (PEC) material that

  • can withstand heat at vehicle windshield.

  • Upto 15m in air, the reader can identify the card.

  • Best distance between car windscreen and card minimum 10mm clearance.

uhf sticker.PNG
  • UHF sticker whcih is attached with plastic surface of the car is water proof and sunlight proof

  • The lifespan will be 10 years

  • Thickness is 1mm  and is very compact-able  to use

uhf tag.PNG

  • Upto 15m in air, the reader can identify the card.

  • Best distance between car windscreen and card minimum 10mm clearance.

  • Multiple reading capability that they can be used to read 50-100 tags

  • Operating temperature is typically  -20˚C to 65˚C 

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