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The technology of image processing is in the wide range of usage in all aspects and so LPR is one of the greatest digital processing to scan the image and convert to alpha numeric data to be stored in the field of transportation. It is simple and yet effective way of detecting the number in license plate with camera and then with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software tool, the captured image is stored as data in the server. We call this process as simple but for the computer system it is quite difficult to handle these images. But with our powerful software tool and durable license plate camera, we have achieved the image recognition with the accuracy of 99% in efficient way. Please call to our hotline number or live chat with our technical support team for achieving knowledge and also to get our efficient product.

How it works

1. First the car will approach the barrier to enter the parking area

2.As soon as the car approach the controlled area, the Licence Plate Camera will automatically get the image of the licence plate in the car

3.The camera which is having I/P network configuration will send the image of the car's licence number through the network switch to the central server or data storage system

4.The data storage system which has OCR software installed has OCR algorithm will convert the image to data format

5.OCR output will check for the car number is valid Singapore license number

6.If the data format number is whitelist (approved number) the server will send the signal to the barrier controller to open the barrier for the car. And if the data format number is blacklisted, the barrier will not open for the car.


Product Description

llpr camera.PNG


  • Ultra HD 4 million pixels (1440P)

  • All-day vehicle capture rate is higher than 99.9%;

  • Adopt video compression technology H.264 for video encoding, and capture frames
    using JPEG encoding;

  • Support manual key reset, you can restore the initial IP address, user name,
    password and restore the default factory configuration with one click

  • Support configuration file import backup

  • Support cloud control functions

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