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Our Services

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We provide wide range of carpark accessories and have the best in class solutions for the car parking system. The company came up with best solutions to help customers to find their service better. We are all in one carpark solution company which always ensure customer with best in class service, on time handover of the products as well as ensuring secured way of handling the data. We have more than 25 years of experience in the area of parking system and have more than hundreds of deployment done with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our company is dedicated to do the work from design to delivery of the product which made our customer to recognize our work. With the motivational team and with visionary leader we are still in high phase of achieving our goals better and understand the dynamic markets.

Our Products and Solutions


Electronic Parking System

Electronic Parking System (EPS) is the primary source of vehicle parking in Singapore. Reach out for us to integrate the car park solutions with our expertise advice and feel the best in class service.

We have projects handled for Malls, hospitals, HDBs, Condominiums, Landed Properties, Offices and Organizations.



CCTV Security Systems

We provide you the best security services for CCTV surveillance and help the customer by offering various packages of CCTV installations. We are also ready to provide in depth training for operational services for the security systems.


License Plate Recgnition

Our LPR system can take several snap-shots of the vehicles and store them in its database together with other information. The system is especially useful in visitor registration system.Our system achieves almost 99% recognition success rate for Singapore license plate under controlled indoor environment such as underground car park.


Access Control and Security System

Safeguarding and controlling the data is very easy with our control systems.  Door locking system, bar-code systems for security is done with no liberty of breech in security by us. Please request for the quotation now to experience the quality of our products.


Bicycle Rack Installation

Bicycle racks now installed in MRTs and bus depot which we are now specialized in designing. We have different types of bicycle rack installation which can be easily installed.


Carpark Accessories

We have very wide range of different sorts of car park accessories selling at reasonable rates with high durability. All the accessories above have different sizes and material tuning according to customer needs. All need to do is, just make a phone call to our hotline number or request for a quote so that we send you wide range of accessories catalog for choosing.

Carpark Maintenance and Servicing

We do servicing and maintenance of car park software applications for the software applications using other than our software products thereby making our relationship with customers in long term contracts. We also do servicing of car park stations, barriers, replacement of car park station accessories with our effective maintenance contracts. So maintaining of car park software applications and hardware systems in sites and condominiums will be very useful for customers to be hands free from monitoring the daily basic checks which will be done by our technical engineers and hardware technicians.

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