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Door access control system as we all know the importance in building managements and sites where we provide the total solution to both door access control as well as intercom systems. This is the standalone system by interface with biometric reader, door sensor and alarm system when breech happens. Our company focuses on access and intercom controller, biometric control system, card scanner system to access the door, intercom solutions and also real-time system monitor.We offer different kind of designed equipment systems to have customization as request. So these monitoring products are always be welcomed as we know the importance of these control systems in Singapore. We do single door proximity control as well as double door proximity controls depending upon customization requirements.

How it Works


The Access Control System:


This panels are equipped with RS-485 multi-drop interface, then the server, (via an RS-232 to RS-485 converter which is used as the central database system. The Access Control System can be finger print terminal / card terminal / facial recognition terminal. So we need to input the security number or save the data according to the above terminal and is sent to the control panel.

The Control Panel:


This will provide the gateway between the control points (door, check point) and the access control system server. On the door side, they process the reader data, report the door position (open, closed), accept a request to exit from the secure side, and order the electric door strike to open, or remain closed.

Door Contact:


The reader will be composed of wire winding to produce electric field where the card is composed of magnetic field. This magnetic field is then converted to electric field thereby the data which has the user information is transferred from card to reader  for card terminal for and the data will be sent as packets of user information for finger print and facial recognition terminal. The reader then transmits the data to the control panel which activates a relay to apply power to the door strike to open.

Electric Strike:

The electric strike is a solenoid actuated device which will release the lock so that the door will be opened only by pushing the door. They are made up of magnetic locks which is held by the door frame part of the lock.

Exit Switch:

When we press the exit switch, the circuit which is normally de-bounced will be opened which is used to release the lock of the door to allow the person to exit from secured area.




 Our Product Categories 

Card Terminal



  • Compact and well designed for card swapping which provides high usage of storage

  • Have authentication protocols designed to give authority to the client with device

  • Highly secured alarm connected when invalid card is swapped

Pin Terminal


Biometric Terminal



  • Processor using 32 bit

  • Prompt beeper which supports authentication with pin number function

  • Less power consumption


  • Uses TCP/IP communication

  • More than 1000 user finger prints are stored as data

  • Generates reports automatically

  • Downloading the data with external storage very easily and the data specification will be very clear to understand by human

  • LED Display to show the status which uses optical fingerprint module

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