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                       FULL-EPS CAR PARK SYSTEM




Entry Operation for Visitor and Season:


(i) The system utilizes the ERP-like technology to read the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) of the vehicle for them to gain access to the carpark.


(ii) The IU number is captured by the EPS Antenna and the barrier will be open automatically.


(iii) The process of reading the IU and barrier open take less than 2 seconds and the entry record will then be sent to the system PC. 


Exit Operation for Visitor:


(i) Upon exit, the IU number of the vehicle is captured, the information will then be matched with the entry record to tabulate the parking fee with Charging Unit (CHU), the system will automatically debit from the CashCard or CEPAS card in the IU, barrier will be open automatically after a successful deduction.

Exit Operation for Season: 

(i) The same process will applies to all season holders, however no charges will be imposed when season exit.

Full-EPS Carpark System


What we Need

1) Entry and Exit Barrier with motor drive

2) Entry and Exit Station with hardware Processors and NETS CPT /LTA Hardware

3) Entry and Exit Antenna having 230V AC with Steel Casing

4) Management Station with Windows 10 OS and I7 Processor

5) Intercom Connection between entry ,exit station and management 

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Entry Station


Exit Station

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