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Terms & Conditions

Scanplus Pro Technology is incorporated in Singapore Register Number 199200172R on 10th Jan 1992. All the transactions of the products ordered through website belongs to Scanplus Pro Technology also the price quoted are only applied with Scanplus Pro Technology.

1. The price quoted is inclusive of freight charges, government duties, insurance and delivery to your premises.

2. You agree to pay the full amount payable for the Products as indicated during the order process which are payable in Singapore dollars.​

3.  Non-refundable/Partial refund of deposit should contract is/are terminate prematurely or/and customers will have to          compensate Scanplus Pro Technology Pte Ltd for all the works completed or/and goods begin deliver.

4.​ The warranty is limited that the product is free from defects and any defects will be informed to Scanplus Pro Technology where the defected products to be replaced. This warranty does not apply in the events of accident, vandalism, negligence, misuse or acts of god.

5. Online products are purchased which have billing registration provided are truthful and accurate.

6. Scanplus Pro Technology reserves right from not sending the product to customer if there is any restrictions of not sending to customer.

7.Scanplus Pro Technology  online purchase is not responsible for any delays in the shipping of your ordered and purchased Product/s, lost or missing Product/s or the incorrect delivery of the Product/s to you, which is due to your fault or due to inaccurate, false or incomplete information provided by you.

8.If you receive an item that is not in perfect condition please contact our hotline number or email to and arrange for the faulty product to be returned.  Any order replacement you can check in this link                                       

9. Please note that card refunds may vary from bank to bank processing time. Any delay in processing time is not guaranteed by Scanplus Pro Technology. 

10. Scanplus Pro Technology shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performance of any part beyond our control and without our fault, epidemics, riots or any other natural calamities, hackers or any illegal third party activities.

11. Scanplus Pro Technology reserves the right to change its charges of the products  from time to time. In particular, Scanplus Pro Technology may at its sole discretion introduce new services and modify some or all of the existing services offered on the website.

12. Please check our                          to understand our policies in detail even more.

13. All equipment shall remain the property of Scanplus Pro Technology if payment is not fully paid and the company reserves all rights to repossess the equipment.

14. For More Information



Phone: +65 68421426

Fax: +65 68421427

Address: 37 Kallang Pudding Road

#03-06 Tong Lee Building Blk B

Singapore 349315.

Time: Mon- Fri( 9:00-17:30), Sat(9:00- 12:30)


We hope you find this website convenient to use. Thanks for your cooperation.

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