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Shipping Questions

Where is my order ?

As soon as you order for an item, you will receive a tracking email with the order ID of your order. The time of shipment may vary from time to time but the information about your shipping will be updated in the tracking links of your item in the website on your particular account.

If the order is delayed, then you can contact our hotline number to check for the status.  As of now we are not shipping internationally. But the international shipping will be activated very soon. 

There are no hidden charges for the product. All the products' price are disclosed in our website with the shipment.

How will I change my shipping address ?

You can change the shipping address as soon as you place the order. But after the order is ready for shipment, you will not be able to change the address. If that is the case, call our hotline number and inform about the change in address. We will inform the courier service provider to ship your products to the designated new address.

How do I find my order when I lost the tracking ?

When merchant sometimes not able to update your order tracking details in the order summary page of yours, then call our hotline number to check for the details. We will contact our shipping merchant to get the details of your purchase order. We are always happy to help you. But the lost of order tracking may not happen as we think.

What is the return policy ?

You may return the product within 14 days of receipt or purchase. Please check our email id in "Contact Us" page or below in the footer and send us the email with your Name, Contact Number, Email ID, Receipt Number, Product Name and also the reason of return. 

Please note that the return items should not have any damage unless your receive any damaged piece. If If the product is damaged, you can send us the photo of the damaged image for us to verify nd process. 

For the return of money, we will be sending via cheque after we receive our product. The bank processing time for the return of money depends on the bank policies.

What are the type of returns ?

There are two types of return 

1) Email to store

2) Call us to schedule to pick up the return product

These two ways will surely help both the customer and us to work in a better way.

Return to store

Email to get the return slip

Fill in the return slip or email us the details as mentioned in the return policy procedure

Ship the product to our address. 

(only overseas) and you will receive the money as we receive the product. In the mean time you will receive the acknowledgement for the returned product via email.

Call us to schedule to pick up the return product

An authorized staff member will come and inspect the product. to your place to pick up  (Only Singapore)

Call our hotline number and mention about the return product with your order number.

You will then receive the money after the product is returned via cheque. 

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