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We represent products or agencies covering almost all aspect of car park needs; dealing in Cash Card Parking Systems, Electronic Parking Systems, Revenue and Access Control System, Signage, Car park re-surfacing, Parking tickets, Cashier Booth (D.I.Y), Car park safety products and

CCTV security system.

Scanplus Pro Technology continue to hold high regards for the quality of her products and system, to make as part of the company policy to ensure all her services meet all our clients stringent requirements and expectations, thereby are safeguarding the good reputation of our principals and that of us.


This is a dynamic company where employees are eager to succeed. Individuals are motivated and have a lot of company pride; the work environment is vibrant. Everyone on our team is involved in our company’s vision and success, and we believe that the diverse voices strengthen us as a team and improves our product and system. We’re growing faster than we expected and that’s humbling. We’re a curious and dedicated bunch who come to work every day ready to tackle tough, meaningful problems.



CCTV Security Systems

Installation of high speed cameras which are delivered with stylish durable and high performance in workplace is very much suitable for surveillance. With weather resistant cameras helps to face harsh circumstances. 

It comprises of (IP-Config) standardization  which helps to increase high level of security in workplace and with our CCTV installation can achieve far better.

Carpark Operation System

Carpark system in singapore has ERP technology.A high speed antenna at the entry lane will read the IU (In-car Unit, available on all Singapore cars), the system will store the information in the database and lifts up the high speed barrier. We have all technologies related to carpark system as per client's request.

Bicycle Rack Installation

Apart from carpark system we are now specialized in designing bicycle racks in Singapore MRTs and depots. You can easily get the quotation and get the job done in no time. 

Access Control System

We have wide range of fingerprint access system to meet the business  needs.We also have facial recognition system which have alarm system in case if breakdown or power failure. Ease of data transfer to end user is the key part of this system.





                          More than 25 years of combined experience in carpark system process

                     On time delivery of carpark and access control systems





                      Holding more than 100 satisfied customers



                      Technical support and training assistance for customer needs

                       Just in time repair and servicing 



                       Online purchasing of carpark accessories



                       Prompt carpark maintenance 



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Our Products and Services

1) Electronic Parking Systems

2) Access Control and              Security Systems

3) Carpark Maintenance and Services

4) CCTV Installations

5) Sales of Road Safety Products

6) Installation of Bicycle Racks

7) Building or Creating Customer Requested Carpark Accessories


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The trust and integrity of the company has brought us here and we will thrive towards success path as always and where we take care of our customers, our partners, and our communities simply because it’s the right thing to do. We value integrity, excellence and transparency which helped to grow faster.


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