Road Reflector

The road studs are used to increase the visibility of roadways to the car driver especially during night time. They are both heat resistant and they are mostly made up of emitting light by absorbing the solar light and during night time they will glow. In other ways they will glow with the help of absorbing the light from the car and then emit the light. They are mainly used to track the road during night time and also serves as speed resistance material.

Almost indestructible, made from Aluminium alloy with compression resistance of 30 tons To be fixed onto the road by an anti-twist stem for extra stability Excellent reflectivity with Swareflex glass bead reflector Vacuum-plated reflector free of dust and pollution. Withstands the most arduous traffic conditions. \Suitable for centre line demarcation. One without stem is also available

Road Reflector-Type 1


Road Reflector-Type 2