Outdoor Trash Cans

Outdoor trash cans are heat resistant, weather resistant and very durable which are available in many shapes and colors. We provide the trashes in construction site, households and many residential occupants. We have the trash cans which are environmental friendly and also provided with good attractive colors which are useful to differentiate the difference in trash items which are shown below. We understand that this is an important service in the area of making our Country to be clean always.

Rubbish Barrel 1


Size : 300(L)x460(W)x890(H)

Rubbish Barrel 2


Size : 600(L)x380(W)x910(H)

Size : 380(L)x380(W)x910(H)

Rubbish Barrel 3


Size : 300(L)x300(W)x700(H)

Rubbish Barrel 4


Size : 600(L)x380(W)x900(H)

Size : 380(L)x380(W)x900(H)