Entry Operation for Visitor and Season:

(i) Driver can enter into the car park by using cashcard or flashpay in the entry station.


(ii) The station processor will read the cashcard or flashpay and open the barrier. 


(iii) The table in simple have entry date and time,exit date and time,duration,cashcard number(for people whose money is debited by Cashcard/Flashpay)


Exit Operation for Visitor:


(i) Upon exit, the information will then be matched with the entry record to tabulate the parking fee, and the driver will need to insert a CashCard / Flashpay card or CEPAS II card into the Exit Station to make payment.


(ii) The barrier will open automatically after a successful deduction.

Exit Operation for Season: 


(i) The same process will applies to all season holders, however no charges will be imposed when season exit. 

What We Need


1) Entry and Exit Barrier          2) Entry and Exit Station                                        3) Management Station                                           


-Motor Drive                          -300x200x150mm                                              -I7 Intel core Processor

-AC Operation                       -CPU Board                                                         -6GB RAM  & 1TB HDD

-Current 30VA                       -4GB RAM                                                           - Win10/Win server OS

-Speed 2.0s                           -8GB CF Chip                                                     -Laser Printer

-No Limit Switch                    -LED Display Monitor                                         -Carpark S/W                             

-CPU Contrioller                    -Receipt Printer                                                  -NETS Settlement Software

-Loop Detector                      -CPASS/Entry and Exit Cashcard Reader        -Remote Settlement Software

4) Intercom     



-Station-Select Button                                 

-All Call Transmit button                         

-Occupied LED

- Microphone            

-OFF Button                    

-Voice Volume Control

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