Car Park Accessories

Car park accessories is all the base for the company which is the primary mission to give customer the best products in Singapore. We supply all the road safety products as well as distributing the in and out accessories for the car park system. Our mission is to provide the products for safer roads and safer live. We are here to provide the best car park accessories products to the customers with best services and warranty. Almost 98% of our products are road safety, bollards, barriers, wheel clamps and also deals with the signage in the sites for clear road map to the drivers. We are always be your better solution provider for the road safety products. Our road safety products and accessories are always in high demand which we are one of the best companies to supply the products to the customers.

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Our Road Safety and Traffic Products

Rubber Road Hump

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Wheel Stopper


Road Reflector

Rubber Hump

Car Park Barrier

Individual Parking

Wall Protection Bumber

Convex Mirror

Column Guard