Bicycle Shop


Bicycle racks are installed in all MRTs and other shopping areas to park the cyclist's cycles. So we are now in the phase of this installation and we have approved designs of racks to be installed in these areas. We have many projects done and undergoing for installing in many places of Singapore. We have the most secured way of parking the cycles with our rack installation to the ground.Durability, weather resistance, appearance, and functionality are extremely important variables of the material of the bike rack and so we meet all these cafeterias

Types of Racks

Single-Tier Bicycle Rack


Double-Tier Bicycle Rack



  • Size is H550 X W290mm

  • The material is Stainless steel which is anti-corrode with solid road arch

  • Designed to park all kinds of bicycles

  • With personal lock,owners can chain-lock their bicycles to the stand to prevent theft


  • The double rack is designed for Singapore style.

  •  They all have powerful rust protection.  One is a combination of two kinds of surface treatments.

  • Easy and compact-able to install as well as fit any types of bicycle

  • Hot dip galvanized material